Tasha (tasha_mac) wrote,

A quick update on me and babbling about our upcoming WoW game!

I'm so terrible about making heartwrenching posts and then never replying to the wonderful, supportive comments I receive. I apologize for that. You guys are awesome. Thank you for the beautiful things you said to me about my Beulah's passing. She's in a better place now. I still miss her, and even now I almost call for her whenever I go home. I'm sure I'll see her again, though.

As for me, I don't know if it's a combination of one of my medicines messing with me hardcore or the pile of stress that was February, but over the last two weeks, I've been struggling with nausea and headaches. I'm pretty sure my headaches were due to my hair which I was trying to grow out for Ren Fest this year. I just can't do it. Imma get about four-six inches cut off and if my hair isn't long enough by October I'll just get a wig. Oh yeah, I also had a UTI. Yaaay. So that's getting cleared up, but the nausea still comes, generally when I'm at work or thinking about work or whatever's going on, so I think it might be stress with a little helping hand from the medicine, since it's done that to me before. Unfortunately, while I should probably take a week off and just relax, I can't. I'm being put into a new position at my workplace, basically the job I've been wanting for around five years now. Isn't it odd that now that I have it, I don't want it anymore...I just don't believe in this place anymore. It's taken a sharp nosedive in the last couple years. I don't know what I'll do, but I do know I need some experience in that position if I want to go freelance, so I'll try and stick it out.

All that being said, I'm sorry that I didn't send any notes or reply to any mentions of the L5R's untimely end. I understand completely where Chris is coming from, and I feel that the game should be enjoyable for all parties involved, including the GM. If the storyteller gets bored with the story, the whole thing will suffer. Better to let it go gracefully than dread your own game every week.

So, I was wondering if we could maybe come up with some ideas about our upcoming game. I know Janubanu and I are going to be working on the story idea. I figure that I can be the GM who gives voice to the NPCs, and Janubanu can fill the role of the "GM toon". I also figure, for a change of pace, that we'll do a Horde campaign, since people seemed the most interested in that. So, crack open your old player's handbook and start looking over the Horde races (orc, tauren, Forsaken, troll, blood elf(high elf basically)) and what you might want to play. Be creative! Remember to check places like www.wowwiki.com for background info or maybe some information from other books. If you find a core or prestige class you want to play, just let me know which supplement it's in, cause I've got all the books except the Alliance Player's Handbook. Which we shouldn't need, right? FOR THE HORDE!

Also, I was wondering what might be possible to help elevate our playing experience. I currently host a Ventrilo server, so it might be cool to just use the online dice roller and speak to each other over Vent like we're all at the table. I just don't know how Luc's grandfather will like that...but at least it's just your voice and not any kind of personal info, right? >___> Anyway, if we do this, you'll either have to have a microphone in your computer (if you has Macbook, you prolly has mic) or a cheapo headset from Walmart (or whatever equivalent you silly Canuckians have). I really think this'll help enrich our playing experience, not to mention we'd all get to -really- talk to each other every week. :D

So, Janubanu, my email is pretty borked, so probably the best way to get in touch with me is via AIM (most of the time I'm afk even if it says I'm not :x ). I guess we could use the PMs on Celestial Blade's site too. Just lemme know here which you'd rather do. :D

Everyone else, if you want, we can all talk about what you'd like to play as or if you have any questions about the format or whatever. I figure prolly the best timeline would be current, with Arthas looming over Azeroth and the death knights part of the Alliance and Horde. (There's rules for rolling DKs in the latest supplement called Dark Factions! :D)
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